I am web developer. HEAR ME ROAR.

I'm not looking for a job at the moment, so that's my excuse for making such a lazy site.

Stalking information

If you'd like to stalk me, I make it really easy.

Here's my normal-person stuff:

Emailpmilkman at gmail (don't scrape me, bro)
Youtube (personal)petemilkman

And here's my gaming-related things:

Youtube (gaming)peterstayne9
World of WarcraftNeilMcCauley

Some stuff I've done.

Google Event Tracking Tracker

Used by over 15,000 developers, this Chrome extension simply collects all successful calls to Google's Events service and keeps them in a nice, persistent, tidy list.

Link: Chrome web store

Github: GA-Event-Tracking-Tracker

Some links to people mentioning my little plugin that could.


Chess engine I wrote in javascript. Latest iterations making use of HTML5 Web Workers for multi-threading. Has a smallish opening book, piece value trees, and a ton of optimizations.

Link: Play!

Github: Public repo


Freelance client site I did with the help of an illustrator and designer in the style of a pop-up book. Makes heavy use of CSS 3D transforms, transitions and animations.

Link: Reduced demo version

Link: Actual production version

Case Study

Freelance client demo site I built for a project that didn't come to fruition, but was fun to work on. CSS 3D transforms, transitions and animations at work here.

Link: Case Study

Real Stihl

Facebook app done for a client at a previous job. Ties into the APIs for Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. PHP/MySQL backend. Mostly a heavily customized install of Wordpress (don't judge me!)

Link: Real Stihl

Coffeeshop experiments

Random experiments I've done while sitting at coffeeshops with fellow developer friends to learn various tech.

SQUARE'D is an HTML5 Canvas game I wrote around 2012 with no frameworks to help learn Canvas and how to optimally animate it. SQUARE'D and GitHub.

Sunset is an earlier experiment I made in 2010 to first learn Canvas. It uses per-pixel (using getImageData) cos/sin manipulations to create the rippling reflection in the bottom portion. Sunset and GitHub

Old Petemilkman.com site.

Test for petemilkman.com concept site.

Corkscrew Triangle HTML5 Canvas

Trippy Cirlces HTML5 Canvas, wave your mouse around it

Beginning stages of a procedurally generated city WebGL, buildings are random each page load

Saturn CSS3D site test. Written while waiting for a flight at BWI