I am a Baltimore-based web developer. I have a background in full-stack LAMP development, but have recently re-focused on advanced front-end.


I started programming in the 1st grade and have been heavily immersed in the craft since. Started with BASIC for the TI-99/4a, then moved to IBM PC's in the 286 - 486 era with GW-BASIC, then QBasic, then Turbo Pascal, then x86 Assembly language and Visual Basic 4-6.

I did my first web site in 1994 for my high school chess team using Visual Basic and an Access database to store wins and losses and compute ELO ratings for the players. The app would spit out the HTML pages dynamically based on the data for sorted lists and individual player pages.

My second web site was a hand-coded gaming site called Stayne's House of Demos (some images missing from layout in the link) that I created and ran from 1998 to 2003 that stored in-game recordings of international top-level Quake matches. It was initially built off of ASP 2.0 with an Access database, and then converted to PHP/MySQL later. The site attracted roughly 30,000 hits a day on bad days and over 200,000 on good days.


From 2004 to the present day, I've worked at a newspaper company, various marketing/advertising agencies, web shops and freelance projects catering to all levels of clients from big to small and everything in between. Projects ranged from mostly heavy database-driven internal applications to large CMS-driven web sites with various PHP frameworks to purely front-end highly advanced animation-driven marketing sites.

I've built or worked on over 200 web sites in my time so far and have had no diminishing of enthusiasm for the craft.

A detailed work history can be found in my resume, found below:

Pete Milkman's Resume



Below are a small sampling of some of my past projects.


Client: AutoCrit via Sizable Interactive

Technologies: PHP-based app with heavy front-end interactivity and optimization.

Other credits: Andy Stratton (Wordpress site)

Pre-launch Sneak Peek Video

Description: App for fiction writers to run many detailed and interactive reports on their texts.

Notes: Heavily, heavily optimized app in terms of both front-end and back-end. Tested with files up to 360,000 words. The 'Cliche's' report in particular looks for all instances of over 20,000 multi-word strings in the text and report back to the editor with highlighting and sorted counts in just a few seconds. It was for this site that I created this simple PHP benchmarking class to help determine bottlenecks in speed and memory.


Client: PRB via Sizable Interactive

Technologies: jQuery, HTML5 Boilerplate.

Description: Promotional site to highlight PRB's Constructive Male Engagement initiative.


Client: Case Study Designs

Technologies: jQuery, HTML5 Boilerplate, hand-coded CSS 3D/CSS Animations.

Other credits: Becky Kanach-Quade (design)

Description: Unfinished site for a business that didn't wind up starting.

Notes: The panels that coalesce into the logo are randomly colored and positioned every page load. Logo CSS 3D animation done in less than a day.


Client: STIHL via IMRE

Technologies: Facebook SDK, Instagram API, Twitter API, YouTube API, jQuery, CSS3, Wordpress, PHP, Google Analytics event tracking, Video.js

Description: User Generated image and video uploading and sharing Facebook app.

Notes: Entire site managed via Wordpress with some heavy cuztomization.




Technologies: javascript with some jQuery

Source Code: GitHub

Description: Chess engine and UI. Computer opponent is a multi-threaded (thanks to Web Workers), min-max engine with static exchange quiescence, opening book, piece square maps, and other positional evaluations. Under current development, but as of this writing, it can achieve anywhere from 300,000 to 700,000 positions searched per second.


Technologies: Google Chrome Plugin API

Source Code: GitHub

Description: Chrome plugin that works with Google Analytics Event Tracking to log all events in a quick and simple interface.

Mentions from around the internet:


Technologies: HTML5 Canvas

Source Code: GitHub

Description: Basic game completely hand-coded (not even jQuery). Basic framerate counter keeps constant check, and if the fps drops too far, the rendering of the elements simplifies. Control aiming with mouse, fire with click, move with w, a, s and d.


Technologies: CSS 3D, jQuery

Description: Based loosely on the code for the logo animation from Case Study Designs.


Technologies: HTML5 Canvas

Source Code: GitHub

Description: Exploration into javascript bitwise operations and many other optimizations. Bottom half of the view area is a canvas element that reflects pixels in the top half with a wave pattern using cosine and sine.Also a jQuery plugin (plan was to be able to attach this to any <img> element, not been tested, though).



I can be reached in several ways: